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Quote: aceofspades
Quote: Gandler
I agree, on my second watching, solid adventure show, but nothing world changing.
It could have been better with some more streamlining and some different twists.

Also, some storytelling segments I would change
for one example, when the blind man gets killed, I think it would have been far better to have the scene end with him hearing the hotel room door open, "Martin you got back from the hospital quick" and then later when Martin returns finding the tape recorder, I think it showed too much, I partially understand it, to show the character development for the assassins, but I think from a story telling standpoint that would have been better.

That is just one example, there are plenty of similar examples of where too much is shown which kills a lot of the suspense and mystery that the show could rely on. I think my main criticism is it tried to show too much of too many characters instead of keeping some mystery.

The lesbian affair is another great example of a surprising twist, but a pretty unnecessary one, did we really need to know why she became jaded with such a long backflash? I think that is another example of overdevelopment, if needed (and I am not sure from a story point that it was), that is something that could have been shown in a couple quick backflashes or alluded to in another scene. Or, she could have just been greedy/corrupt from the beginning, she did not need a bad affair to make her that way. Another example of how we don't need to see the development of every secondary character there is. Martin is a great character because we know who/what he is, but there is never glitzy backflashes of him being a spy or intelligence agent, its just known from how he is and organic conversation. Its like the movies that show everyone on the "bad" side having flashbacks to a bad childhood or getting abused by society or whatever, its not always necessary (especially for secondary characters) to show why they are who they are.

I agree with your analysis, a good show, but not great. I feel that it could have been condensed into maybe five (maybe slightly longer) episodes. I still enjoyed it as a solid adventure series with an interesting premise and great actors, I am glad that you mostly enjoyed it as well.

Also, the storyline with the missing dog was superfluous

Completely agree. Another aspect that should have been cut or greatly trimmed.
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Quote: Gandler
Completely agree. Another aspect that should have been cut or greatly trimmed.

I remember watching "The Langoliers" (May 1415, 1995), a horror miniseries based on the novella by Stephen King consisting of two episodes of 1½ hours each. Stephen King was a hot writer for TV miniseries in the mid 1990s with "It" and "The Stand" being roaring successes.

I watched all three hours of the story, and I remember thinking it would have made a great "Twilight Zone" episode. It was a similar story as "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" with William Shatner at 25 minutes.

But since the networks could easily sell 3 hours of commercials for a Stephen King miniseries, they simply stretched the plot of a novella to the breaking point.

In theory streaming services are not selling commercials, so the viewer could easily go from show to show, but it looks like people seem to suffer from "decision fatigue". It's more efficient to pad a story to keep the viewer watching for 10 hours.

Streaming is not going to create an Alfred Hitchcock since the demands are so different.
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OK, so I went back last night and gave The Boys a second chance and I am now enjoying it
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