President Obama foreign travel very different from Bush

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Summit Meetings in 2017
Belgium Brussels May 2425 28th NATO summit
Italy Taormina May 2627 43rd G7 summit
Germany Hamburg July 78 2017 G20 Hamburg summit
Vietnam Đà Nẵng November 1112 APEC Vietnam 2017
Philippines November 13 12th East Asia Summit

Over 100,000 people have invited DJT to make Poland his first visit to Europe

Poland is a fairly regular country on official POTUS travel, having been visited 13 times since Nixon era (almost all trips to Warsaw). Only Reagan never visited.

  1. Richard Nixon May 31 June 1, 1972 Poland Warsaw
  2. Gerald Ford July 2829, 1975 Poland Warsaw,
  3. Jimmy Carter December 2931, 1977 Poland Warsaw
  4. George H. W. Bush July 911, 1989 Poland Warsaw,
  5. George H. W. Bush July 5, 1992 Poland Warsaw
  6. Bill Clinton July 67, 1994 Poland Warsaw
  7. Bill Clinton July 1011, 1997 Poland Warsaw
  8. George W. Bush June 1516, 2001 Poland Warsaw
  9. George W. Bush May 31, 2003 Poland Kraków, Visited Nazi-German Auschwitz concentration camp
  10. George W. Bush June 8, 2007 Poland Gdańsk,Jurata
  11. Barack Obama May 2728, 2011 Poland Warsaw Laid wreath at the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial.
  12. Barack Obama June 34, 2014 Poland Warsaw . Attended ceremonies marking the 25th anniversary of democracy in Poland.
  13. Barack Obama July 89, 2016 Poland Warsaw Attended the NATO summit meeting.

We are approaching the time in Obama Presidency when he made his first grand 6 nation tour.

London March 31 April 2 President Obama attended the G-20 summit meeting. Obama met with Queen Elizabeth II.[6][7][8]
France/Germany Strasbourg, Kehl, Baden-Baden April 34 President Obama attended the NATO summit meeting.
Czech Republic Prague April 5 President Obama met with President Václav Klaus. He also made a speech in Hradčany Square.
Turkey Ankara, Istanbul April 67 President Obama delivered a speech to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
Iraq Baghdad April 7 President Obama met with President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He also visited U.S. soldiers
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