Trump vs Hillary 2016

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Quote: Evenbob
The Turds threw her under the bus
in their meltdown on election night.
Her and the whole Dem party. Like
you say, it was an SNL skit, they
actually turned on their own while
it was happening. I've never seen
anything like it, adoration morphed to
hatred and venom in an instant.

Well, we did hear that the liberals really never liked Hillary, but as the Democrat they had to support her. As soon as it was clear that she lost they had no reason to keep supporting her. I feel the party knows she wants and plans to run again, the reason you are starting to see them get worried about this. She goes in and the field empties except for maybe Crazy Bernie and someone else testing the waters.

To TYT, that election night was the biggest upset since Ron Shaw beat David Sammartino, and the reaction was the same as the announcers then!
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