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This I knew, but he kept asking. If the only thing his script says is "Can't pay" or "Won't pay"

A collector is powerless to do anything
with your claim except collect on it.
He can't change it, can't make it go
away, can't do a damn thing to it.
So talking to him at all beyond
'f^^k off and die' is a waste of
your time. Just hang up, he's used
to it. I got called every name in
the book every day.
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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I mean f#$%ing everything. So I am serious - what do you do when neither side can help you? Who's the middle in this situation? I'm down to some sort of lawyer review, actually calling the local news, or writing a letter to someone far higher up than need be. All seem ridiculous and far more work / seriousness than an issue of such feeble magnitude calls for.

Send an actual letter via certified mail, almost nobody ignores those. It also gives you proof of everything if the shit hits the fan and you need to end up in court or arbitration.
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Quote: DRich
Send an actual letter via certified mail, almost nobody ignores those.

Do everything in writing, by mail they have
to sign for. It's what lawyers do. They might
even think a lawyer is involved and leave you
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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This entire thread just gonna be about sawbones?

I need a hook up. How does one specifically obtain a "pain doctor"? This PC bulls#$% is gonna wind me in the hoosegow. My PC don't sling f#$% all. His answer is always "Yeah, ya broke it. It's gonna hurt." Like, am I crazy? Is this what y'all old f#$%s do, just say "Whelp, that hurts. Guess I'll just hurt until I die"? Or do, ya know... get something for it? Have a regimen? Something? Anything?

I finally get pushy. I'm f#$%ing done with this s#$%, it doesn't seem reasonable to bring a man to the breaking point every single day as a matter of course. So I says to the guy, I says "Dude, I'm gonna break. There's gotta be something" And oh sure, there's something. It's called Devil Semen. It's an antidepressant with chronic pain applications. I tell him whoa, me and those do not play well with each other. It's bad news and I got a kid. I live alone. It's just me and him and my dog. If I freak out, WHEN I freak out, there's no one. His response?

"Talk to your dog"

Any of y'all lawyers? Help me f#$% this guy.

So I query as to the myriad side effects in addition to the ones I already know are gonna wreck me.
"Don't even read them."
You wot, m8? Don't read them?
"Yeah, it's all in your head. People see this, they feel this. Just trust. Listen, if you die, I don't get paid. It's in my own interest."
Yeah, you simple f#$%, it's also in your interest to f#$% me up so I keep coming back, so how do I follow your logic while also ignoring it? This f#$%ing c#$%, I swear to the man Jesus...

But I'm a serious fella. I take several days. I clear my mind, start my positive mantras. I clear it all out and I begin my new regimen. And I was one and done. This s#$% is straight up f#$%ing poison that I can't believe is allowed to be created let alone willfully and intentionally dispensed. It was like my biology got cranked to 11, all systems hard forward. Yet body function, the muscle and move part, was on life support and my brain was turned off completely. Grogging through the day at a quarter of a mile per trillions parsecs per second. Everything as fast it could go nowhere. Smashed a bunch of mailboxes, put the truck in a ditch, threw up, and stared at my ceiling from 2100 to 0300. Talk to my f#$%ing dog, yeah right. Probably said the same thing to Berkowitz.

So I spend a few months purging that s#$%, trying to get my head back to terrible. Go back to my stretches and just start drinking. But I can't drink properly, and it's too damn a hassle with the law and whatnot. It's not a solution at 1030 on the route, or 1600 with the kid, or 0600 at breakfast, or anytime, really, accept for really late on a weekend. In the meantime, I'm seeing docs left and right for comp. "Just the hydro?" Yup, that's all I take. "Need refill?" My regular doesn't want me on them yet, so not yet. "OK, doc will be right in." And on and on we go.

Friends getting pissed now. Dude, lie! Are you f#$%ing dumb? I know people that get 120 a WEEK and just sell the s#$%. But that's not me. And I'm going back, and we're gonna have it out.

Doc... I'm dying here. I can't keep drinking, it's bad for me doesn't work with my lifestyle.
"Well, hydro doesn't get you out of trouble. You can still get DUI's" (Yes, you silly f#$%, if I take 18 of them! One does not grog me out, and never has).
But, you don't get it. I had a thing, I built a whole fix around this, I've done all the work. I work out every day, I do my stretches, I lost 34lbs, I'm doing every single thing I've been asked, offered, or found myself...WHY?
Ss.... smoking?
Yes, and your history of drug use.
But it!... I haven't used in 12 YEARS!
"/shrugs Yeah, but it's on my record."

Oh my to the three living gods.

He goes on to say that tests show that opiates do nothing for pain and it's all mental, that people think it works, so it works (I swear to f#$% he said this right to my face). Hear that, folks? The opium epidemic is all just placebo effect! Yay!

I cut him off. What next, then?
He sort of looks at me crooked.
What next? You say no opiates and I'm not touching your poison, surely there are other options?
"Oh. Sure there's others. Here's (some bulls#$%), give this a try." Hands over papers and begins to pack up.
So, uh, this "as needed" or like a "build up...?
You take them everyday.
Everyday regardless of...
"Yes, every day."
OK. Side effects?
He stops packing up. "Would you ask me side effects if it was hydro?"
(You see how this mf'er views me?)
No, I wouldn't, because I know them.
Yeah, yeah, a little constipation, no big deal.
(sitting there stunned, debating a homicide)
"Don't read them. Don't worry about them. Just trust."

And ya know, I'm gonna stop right there. I just reread the entire post from top to here. My omission of the next drug he gave me reminded me I still never looked, per his instructions. So I just did. LYRICA. An anti epileptic used to control seizures that also affects chemicals in the brain that send pain signals. Warning label - "Call your doctor at once if you have any new or worsening symptoms such as: mood or behavior changes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, or if you feel agitated, hostile, restless, hyperactive (mentally or physically), or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.

Folks... "My records" that show drug use back in 1998 through perhaps 2002/3 should also show feelings of rage, hostility, depression, suicidal thoughts, disregard for wellbeing, penchant for self harm, basically the WHOLE F#$%ING LIST, and this from 1995 to Present. But you know what, guys? Guys? Guys, you know what? DON'T WORRY! JUST TRUST!

What do you folks do in situations like this? Me, I'm an incomplete man; the only way I know how to handle this is to drive my forehead through his idiot's face. Drugs are wicked fun so I did a whole bunch. Enjoyed myself almost the entire goddamn time, too. Until I didn't, at which point I stopped. See how that works? I enjoyed vikes, too. It feels good not feeling bad. And when I "couldn't" anymore on account of having no insurance, I stopped. I ain't scored a bag, didn't pilfer some oxy's, I'm not scrapin' s#$% off the streets or banging down boilers of tar. So WHAT'S THE F#$%ING PROBLEM????!?

Can't give these because "history", a history that MIGHT result in me having a bad time called withdrawal. Oh, but these? F#$% your history, you probably won't kill anyone.

So, yeah. Booze don't work, weed don't work, and despite the thousand pills I know are up for sale, I'm not letting this son of a bitch put me back on the streets. So real question, who does one talk to for this? I've got my diagnosis, my prognosis, and probably osteoporosis. Who deals in relief? Where does one find an "ouchy-ologist"? Barring an answer for that, then how does one Saul Goodman their med records? Pretend I just came out of the woods and this is my first doctor?

Thanks for humoring me.
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This entire thread just gonna be about sawbones?

I need a hook up. How does one specifically obtain a "pain doctor"?

PM me if you want me to get you a name. Would be in Buffalo. Guy is supposedly one of best and biggest in the state, gets DEA audits a few times a year which should tell you about the size of his practice.

Might be a wait to get in, not sure. File this under the Saul "I know a guy who knows the guy."
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How does one specifically obtain a "pain doctor"?
Out this way you look in the yellow pages under, "pain management". Pain is a specialty now, like Oncology. Long term treatment for pain, the Onco sends you to a pain specialist. Regular doctors don't treat pain much anymore if it involves opiods. Notice in the news sites, there is a new article it seems everyday about the "crises", from mostly white people OD'ing on opiods. Causing a big fuss.

Seems like this is another thing white people screwed up. Back when they had jobs, they overdid it a bit, needed some pain relief, then something happened, and the economy tanked. Bunch of them turned into addicts, lept right over to heroin and fentanyl and carfentanyl imported by the barrel from China. Dealers mix it with just about anything and call it heroin [like there wasn't enough Afghany heroin] now there is an epidemic of, mostly guys, dying from to much pain relief.

They don't want you to be able to manage your own pain. It cuts them out of to much work. That's the deal right there, and it seems you are willing to play into it, as long as you can get some relief, and stay out of jail? I get that, count me in. But like your pcp said, you are dui if you are medicating with stuff that actually works. And like you said, if you snort 18 of 'em, chances are you are going to leave the road, you just don't know when, or where.

It seems every scrip I see has the little yellow sticker on it that says, "may cause drowsiness". I see that as a loophole. Allergy medicine, blood pressure medication, all of em, may cause drowsiness. And if you are drowsy, you shouldn't drive. Who hasn't/ isn't? So granny who never could drive worth a sh** anyway, gets to plow along, twenty over or under [or both] the speed limit, with cataracts the size of quarters, hopped up on bp meds and religion, taking up all the asphalt in between the lanes, but that's ok, cuz she isn't in pain that needs relief. It's a racket. Heard some report not long ago, when taking into account all the meds with the yellow stickers, and those doing illegal substances, and alcohol, and those using pain meds, or anti psyche drugs,...the road just isn't safe. The report said over 50% of the people on the road, should not be.

Add into the mix, idiots texting while stupid. Are you aware of a BAL on hydro? Me neither. I heard they were setting a limit for thc in Colorado? If what I heard is near accurate, we can thank Col. for addressing the issue, but there is no way I can get that f**ed up and remain conscious, let alone drive. I think they set the limit pretty high? OK, back to, don't drive while trying to manage pain. Makes sense in a way, but. How long before you can drive after managing pain with hydro's? Two hours, or two weeks? I dunno. Got to be some time in there where you are sober enough to go down and get your scrip refilled, cuz they ain't gonna let your friend do it for you.

Speaking of which. If somebody you know is getting 120 a week, I don't believe they are doing it legally. And pass on a fu to him for making it especially hard on legitimate patients. You wouldn't believe the raft of new rules just in the last year or two, for those with legit issues. My throat surgeon says he can't write a scrip for longer than a week at a time. IDK, he got no reason to lie to me?

Anyway, looks like you might be getting hooked up? You also need a different PCP, that guy ain't helping, and if he isn't, get someone who wants to help. They are hard to find nowadays, but you got a long way to go yet. You need someone in your corner.

Funny thing about the addiction risk, of writing you a scrip. If you just go to an addiction dr., they can help you out with some Methadone or sub, which are some serious pain relieving compounds. I wonder how many of those od deaths are people needing pain management, that couldn't get the help they need legally, and just walked down to the drug corner and tried sumpthin, sumpthin?

Yeah like you mentioned, pain can last a long time. And it seems somebody else who doesn't hurt is making the decision on how much relief you need? Thats like the ex wife deciding how much sex you need.

If you want to try something natural, I know people that swear by "KRATOM". Several strains, different results. My problem with it is it becomes exorbitantly expensive out of pocket, and my insurance will pay for drugs.

Edible weed works for awhile for me as well, but I don't want to be that stoned very often. If I set aside several hours where I don't have to go anywhere, using edibles helps control pain, but I don't like being "couch locked". Hope this helps and, welcome to my world.
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You may have another option on the drugs you can't psychologically tolerate. If they are pills, try halving the doses. Or less. Get yourself a pill cutter. Cut them in quarters if you have to..

Find out the dosage that has no effect at all and start from there. I'm pretty sure you have driven yourself into a psychological effect --- more than the drug itself is causing. You can at least work on the negative reaction part.

So, it makes you into a zombie, or a maniac I'm guessing., but there's got to be edge somewhere. You can find that boundry You can learn to drink poison if you have to.

If you're the guy who falls wedged between two rocks, and you have to find how you're going to cut off your arm with a buck knife, you're going to HAVE to figure out the rate at which you can cut off your arm to free yourself. Or you're going to have to deal with never leaving.

Desperate actions for desperate times.

This advice isn't for someone who is reckless when it really matters. I do expect you to be responsible in your endeavor or I wouldn't even suggest it.

Hey, some people dive into doing things you shouldn't be doing as a challenge.

Notice how Blaine conditions himself gradually.

Various sources (there's a detailed description on the website suggest that, after identifying a pathway through his arm that didn't hold any major arteries or veins, Blaine may have repeatedly pierced himself  in this area to create an extended area of scar tissue and a fistula (or artificial passageway) through his flesh.

I got used to passing [a needle] through my hand, over and over. I wanted to feel comfortable with it,” he told The Telegraph..
Asked how often he would do this, he replied:

“Not daily, because if you hit a nerve you mess things up and your hand is out of action for a little bit.”

He then explained how he gradually upped the side of the needles, increasing their width on a step by step basis. “One day I knew I could do it with something as scary looking as an ice pick.”

I would sleep in a hypoxic tent every night. A hypoxic tent is a tent that simulates altitude at 15,000 feet. So, it's like base camp, Everest.What that does is, you start building up the red bloodcell count in your body, which helps you carry oxygen better. Every morning, again, after getting out of that tent, your brain is completely wiped out. My first attempt on pure O2, I was able to go up to 15 minutes. So, it was a pretty big success.”

Finally, Blaine claimed, he was able to perform his stunt, holding his breath in icy water for 17 minutes and four-and-a-half seconds.

Houdini worked the same way -- learned to tolerate impossible conditions in order to do stunts. But he did it methodically.

Nobody learned anything from the global financial crisis.
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