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Quote: Fleastiff
Forget the temperature; its like wet cement. If you or your vehicle get caught in it, its all over. Doesn't matter if the tires melt or not, they ain't goin' anywhere.
One eleven here @ 3:30
Everyone gets thrown from the plane to maintain altitude
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Valley of the Sun not Valley of the Shade.
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Quote: Evenbob
It became a custom, you never ever ate with your left hand.

No I don't question the custom, I just can't believe that left handed people couldn't just follow the norm. It's not that difficult to scoop food out of a bowl without using your dominant hand.
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I get a kick out of this video. 20 million
views, 4000 comments. It's entertaining
reading the comments on how people
think this works. The Vatican would have
banned this 300 years ago and jailed
the inventor.

If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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