Quitting Smoking

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I started smoking at age 18 - almost 16 years ago - and finally quit cold turkey. I tried quitting a few times along the way, but I think I can safely say that I never really tried very hard before now. I have made it more than a full week without so much as a puff of a cigarette, and without any so-called "helpers" such as nicotine gum or patches (which ultimately just keep you addicted). This is the longest I have gone without any tobacco product since I started smoking.

The first few days (without) were hell, but the worst definitely appears to be over and it seems to be getting easier now. I do still get the urge to smoke every now and then; I also sometimes get the urge to knock someone the f**k out, but I have successfully restrained myself from doing either. The desire to smoke after certain "trigger" events (waking up, having coffee, after a meal, etc) still occurs but becomes less prominent as time goes on.

The downsides are that I find myself eating a lot more and sleeping a lot more, which sucks because I'm already fat enough. When I first started smoking at age 18 I dropped 70 pounds, but I gained them all back within the last couple of years. Hopefully I won't gain too much more weight as a result of not smoking.
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I applaud your desire to quit, and I'm sure everyone close to you feels the same. It may be hard now, but it'll get easier and hopefully in time, you'll realize your life is better. There is no upside to smoking, and huuuuge downside to continuing. It really should be illegal. You body will notice within 8 hours the lack of poisons you're voluntarily introducing into your bloodstream, and within a few days, food will taste better, air will come easier into your lungs and those close to you won't be disgusted by your presence. If I could do anything to help, I would, as I think it should be outlawed, along with fireworks.

Smoking kills 1200 per day in this country alone. And it's annoying as f*ck to everyone around you. Don't be hated. Live longer, and live a better life. I'm pulling for you.
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Thanks. So far I'm hanging in there.

I also forgot to mention that by quitting (having smoked a pack a day) I am now saving...

  • $8 to $9 per day
  • $56 to $63 per week
  • $224 to $279 per month
  • $2920 to $3294 per year
...at today's prices, which are likely not at the highest they will ever be.
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You'll never notice the money you are saving and you will get fatter.

You'll never compliment someone again for keeping slim if they smoke.

Sorry to be the turd in the punchbowl. Perhaps it's best to know these things. However, I am rooting for you and agree with Zippyboy about all those things that are reasons to quit. I did, suffered the above frustrations and those you mention, but know it is worth it.
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Good for you on quitting. I have heard a million ways to quit from cold turkey to eliminating the "first" smoke of the day (say when you wake up) in week one then the "new first" in week two (say the one with your coffee) ans so on until done to buying the same number of cigs but chopping a few more puffs off until you are quit. The common thread is willpower. Another common one seems to be tell nobody until you are fairly off them. People I know who didn't ell first did better

I would ask why did you start up in the 1990s knowing the downsides?

I know several people who started. A few came from overseas smoking cultures. The rest the story almost always starts "we'll at first I only smoked when I was drinking and.........."

Good luck. Keep it up.
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In high school, (Shit! 37 years ago!) I had a buddy convince me to smoke one cigarette just so I could tell everyone I quit.

I never had another cigarette, so, yeah, I quit smoking.

I suspect you can be more proud of your accomplishment than I am of mine. As well you should. Congrats.
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Great job JB! One week is huge, but you know it's still a long road ahead. Stay the course!

I quit smokeless tobacco after 25 years of use. It was brutal. A few things that helped me get through it.
-drink plenty of water
-consume alcohol sparingly (getting drunk is the quickest path to relapse)

Don't sweat the weight gain, that's something you can attack in a year or so. For now, have one simple goal:
Never put a cigarette in you mouth ever again!

Keep us posted with regular updates.
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Quote: odiousgambit
You'll never notice the money you are saving and you will get fatter.

Both of those sound very realistic, and I don't hold it against you for pointing them out.

Quote: AZDuffman
I would ask why did you start up in the 1990s knowing the downsides?

The dangers of smoking weren't heavily publicized/advertised back then, at least not where I grew up - just a brief warning on each pack of cigarettes. Plus I was filled with that youthful feeling of invincibility and the "that type of thing might happen to others but not me" mindset.
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18 when you had first cig? you can tell us the truth!!!

The best advice I can give you


If you truly want to quite (any addiction) knowing there will be down days and willing to move forward, will give you better odds on overcoming it. What many rehab centers do is trade 1 addiction for another to fill the void. If you have interest in something it is a good time to turn it to a hobby.

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Congratulations on going a week so far! I will be rooting for you every step of the way.

Don't worry too much about gaining weight for now. For four months or so I would make cigarettes to be the only demon you try to slay. Once you conquer that you can work on losing the weight. Meanwhile, I'll give you some extra slack if you get snippy with me.
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