Is Christianity too feminized?

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I said my Church doesn't condemn gossip because as you pointed out it is not really that specific or by definition bad. I do maintain though and I think you would agree that 9 out of 10 people would say that gossip is negative even though they don't mean the more general definition of informal news and information. Many people equate gossip with calumny or detraction, which you have showed is inaccurate.

Anyway, you are groping in the blind with Msgr. Pope (cool name, huh?). I don't think you have any idea what he means by idle talk. The descriptions that follow afterwards give one a sure sense that he is not talking about idle talk in the sense of, "How you doing?" "Hot out here today isn't it?" "How's your family?" So I would continue to be careful about putting words in my mouth and that of the good Monsignor.
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