Future of Commercial TV

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Live TV streaming is much cheaper than cable service. Alphabet was selling live TV with google Fiber for $90, while at the same time they were selling Youtube Live TV for $35. There was a radical difference in the number of channels (roughly 4X), but people don't seem to care. So Google Fiber is not offering TV to their new customers.

The problem is that for about the same $35 you can get HBO Now ($15), Netflix ($10.99), and Amazon Prime ($10.99). Non sports fans are happy to get their news online and prefer not to watch commercials.

I find my own tolerance for commercials is going way down. I am finding them increasingly irritating.

Quote: Nareed
The problem I see now is that many content producers also distribute content online. therefore the market is fragmented.

Direct TV Now offers linear channels from major media conglomerates like A&E, AMC, CBS, Discovery, Disney, Fox, MLB, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Turner, and Univision. If AT&T buys Time Warner for $85 billion, then I think they will end up challenging the FCC and simply give away their own channels for free if you buy an AT&T cell phone service.

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Hulu is an American subscription video on demand service owned by a joint venture with
The Walt Disney Company (through Disney–ABC Television Group) (30%),
21st Century Fox (through Fox Entertainment Group) (30%),
Comcast (through NBCUniversal) (30%),
and as of August 10, 2016, Time Warner (through Turner Broadcasting System) (10%).

In addition to NBC, ABC and Fox programs and movies, Hulu carries shows from networks such as
RT America,
Esquire Network,
USA Network,
Fox Sports 1,
Fox Sports 2,
NFL Network,
Big Ten Network

If Disney is successful in getting approval for it's purchase of Fox Entertainment Group they will own 60% of Hulu.

I understand why Disney wants to start a subscription service for ESPN, but why spin off another competitor to Hulu if they already own 60%?
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