New high capacity airplanes

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Quote: Pacomartin
But that idea completely collapsed and LA was forced to return Ontario airport to the city of Ontario under charges that they were running it into the ground.
I'm sure they were running it into the ground. You can not administer an airport in Ontario from City Hall in Los Angeles. Firms in the immediate area of Ontario have to be fully behind their airport. Firms have to know their spare parts are flown in by FedEx to that airport. Firms have know that technicians and executives can get to places faster from Ontario than any where else. You want a "feeder" airport to exist.... you have to have the locals truly believe in its value to them. If locals can view it as more than a diversion from over crowded LAX only then will it succeed.
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On October 18, 1967, the City of Ontario requested that the City of Los Angeles enter into a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) for the operation, management, and control of Ontario International Airport (ONT). The City of Ontario wanted to develop the airport but lacked the required financial resources. Under the JPA, the Los Angeles Department of Airports agreed to develop and improve ONT, and pay the City of Ontario $5 million (the value of the portion of ONT property previously acquired by the City of Ontario), subject to certain credits for making capital improvements. The Department also agreed to pay Ontario $2 million for outstanding airport revenue bonds issued by the City of Ontario.

As LAX grew more and more crowded, discussions of Maglev train between the two airports was proposed. Ontario became a hub for ExpressJet, which began service to 14 destinations in April 2007 to September 2, 2008. Ontario was considered vital to the long term growth of air travel in the Los Angeles basiin.

After that the airport collapsed completely and they lost half their traffic in about five years. The drop from 2007 to 2009 was 7,207,150 passengers to 4,886,695.

Lawsuits were filed that said that LAWA took care of LAX at the expense of ONT. Finally LAWA relinquished control of Ontario airport a few months ago .
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