What Movies Have You Seen Lately?

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Quote: rxwine
Overhyping can ruin expectations. But if it's good, it will keep bringing people in anyway.

It seems like the Marvel Comic book characters initially took some time before the foreign box office got used to them, then they did very well on the sequels.

But now the brand is getting more and more popular. Black Panther may be the first film to clear half a billion dollars in foreign box office FOR A NEW CHARACTER.

Foreign box office in millions
$128.6 The Incredible Hulk
$193.9 Captain America: The First Avenger
$266.8 Iron Man
$268.3 Thor
$339.1 Ant-Man
$440.2 Guardians of the Galaxy
$445.1 Doctor Strange
... sequels
$311.5 Iron Man 2
$438.2 Thor: The Dark World
$454.5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
$473.9 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
$538.8 Thor: Ragnarok
$546.0 Spider-Man: Homecoming
$745.2 Captain America: Civil War
$805.8 Iron Man 3
$895.5 Marvel's The Avengers
$946.4 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Foreign Box Office for Blade films
$61.1 Blade 1998
$72.7 Blade II 2002
$76.5 Blade: Trinity 2004
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