How Cold Is It

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Quote: Evenbob
Dunno, most people have roadside service
that's paid by their insurance. I sure do.

I do, many folks do not. Or they do not want to wait hours for the wrecker to get to them because it is busy pulling out a dozen people who think 4WD means you cannot slide off the road and learned the hard way the driver is more important than the vehicle in most cases.
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This is today off my deck. 60 degrees
warmer than 3 days ago. The water
is almost over the banks of the
creek from all the melting snow.

The second video is what it looks
like in the summer.

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Here in northern Nee Jersey...

A few days ago, it was “Freeze your tits off cold.”

Today, I turned my air conditioner on.
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I live in Buffalo. It is 85 and sunny today. Because I am in Jamaica, not Buffalo. My phone says 19 and snowing in Buffalo. I got 6 more days here!
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Several record high temperatures across the nation this February.
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