Where does the soul reside?

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Quote: missedhervee
My sole is on the bottom of my foot.

I like my sole fileted, rolled and stuffed and served with either tomato sauce or a nice cheese or cream sauce.
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"There is no evidence that a god exists."


The comment above is related to the soul and spirit.

I don't want the subject content to change to organized belief nor religion but I can show how the human mechanism works.

One way to find scientific proof of intelligent design is through numbers (see video below).

But that's not enough to convince a scientific person to believe a specific way or not.

For example:


The Mandelbrot Set: Atheistsí WORST Nightmare



A person has to know outside of the mind (the mind is a faculty of the soul), such as through the spirit (life force).

That implies knowing how to isolate the spirit.

Then the information can be relayed to the mind in the soul, through the heart (not physical heart nor emotional heart).

An average person doesn't know we have a soul nor a spirit, much less that they're divided with a heart and each contain faculties.

Our being at fertilization consists of two parts, not one part.

Each part contains several faculties.

I think of the two parts like containers or placeholders installed at fertilization.

Then at the zygote stage, about two weeks after fertilization, when a human becomes a human, all is ready to go.

Don't think of when physical pain becomes an issue because that could be too late to save a person.

I previously showed how we can change modes at will to isolate either a soul or spirit, depending upon what we want to accomplish.

I also showed how they're figuratively separated with a heart.

The easiest way to isolate the spirit is to deny self (soul).

Inside the spirit once it's isolated, there's a faculty called "Wisdom".

Some call it "Intuition", etc.

It's a way to access knowledge outside of the soul.

For now, just know there's another way an atheist can separate the two parts (double-edged sword).
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Quote: Evenbob
Where else would it go. Your soul is with you
as long as the body is alive. Mormons believe
our souls go to heaven for eternity and live
with all the members of the family we had on
earth. They believe in baptising family who
are long dead. Can you imagine, your family,
most of whom you avoided on earth, you're
now stuck with forever? We love to invent fairy
tales about what happens after we die.

This post illustrates a danger when obtaining external knowledge through the spirit (life force).

See "Wisdom" in my previous post.

The Wisdom faculty works like a one-way communication channel to provide external knowledge to the mind in the soul in a roundabout path.

There's a danger when using Wisdom received through the spirit, because the energy (external knowledge) can be pure or impure.

So there has to be a faculty to check that the knowledge source originates from the intended source, as in duality risk.

One energy source can masquerade as pure while the other side really is pure.

That faculty to check external Wisdom is the "Conscience", also contained in the spirit.

The Conscience can, at least, check boolean values (like being right or wrong) against the knowledge received through the Wisdom faculty.

But there's one catch and it's a big one.

The Conscience has to be relatively clear from blemishes, because the Conscience also retains "outstanding" bad deeds of a person.

The Conscience can become insensitive (numb) or extremely super-sensitive, depending upon the state of a person's soul.

That's why we can recall all bad deeds, either through hypnotherapy or bringing part of the subconscious mind up into the conscious mind.

The mind in the soul is accessing records contained in the Conscience faculty contained in the spirit.

Those past deeds can be cleared and no longer be outstanding and interfering with our ability to discern purity of the Wisdom received.

For now, know that this human mechanism is without the Spirit being attached to the spirit.

The Spirit being attached to the spirit can convict the soul through the Conscience in the spirit.
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