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So the idea was to use the outdoors as a free refrigerator, but to have control over it. My house and therefore the tank will be 70*. Out of doors will vary from 50* to -10*. My idea was to run a pump and plumb in a radiator. Pump tank water through a pipe, out of doors into an outdoor radiator, and then back through a pipe indoors and dump back into tank. Round and round we go.

If you use anti-freeze instead of water the temperature will remain more consistent. :)
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But I'm a lot less stupid now. Thanks to all y'all =)

Guess I need to walk this back.

Turns out it was a swapped plug all along. The machine has almost identical plugs all around; I thought it'd be as easy as matching the scratches and gouges made from tool removal to match em back up. Nope. Swapped two plugs and it fired right up. $0.00.

Jesus Christ. At least the harness is like new after all my repairs =p
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Guess it pays to look up something. I didn't know I wasn't using nasal spray correctly, and wasn't getting the best bang for the spray. (btw, the picture is the incorrect way)

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netti pot?
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