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But with the use these planes get, composites, lower-altitude pressurization and other innovations found on the 787 and A350 ought to be incorporated to the former. And that's easier to do with a new design.

The 737-Max10 seems to be greeted with a collective yawn. Almost, but not quite as loud as yawn greeting the 737-Max7.

Will the Mexican airlines invest in these long range narrowbody aircraft? Right now they can fly to MEX to Lima Peru @ 2,629 mi, and all destinations in the USA and Canada are closer. Considering that Mexico City is high and dry airport, the long range narrowbodies might bring Santiago Chile within range, but not likely Brazil and Argentina. Aeromexico will serve the long range South American destinations with widebody Dreamliners, so it would be a big deal to try and challenge them with a narrowbody. Europe is too far, with only Iceland just barely within the potential range.

I would say no airline in Mexico will purchase a long range narrowbody.

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So, the Golden Boy's skinny budget appears to contain a provision for privatizing America's ATC (Air Traffic Control).

According to the buzz on the aviation blogs, the scheme would involve a self-funding (ie not relying on government money) non-profit corporation. Kind of like the one that handles domains and domain names (ICANN).

In itself this is not necessarily a terrible idea, and some European countries have privatized their ATC.


Most airlines are for it, with Delta as the big exception. The ATC unions are way for it.

The public at large knows little about it and doesn't care much. But going by past experiences, the cost of air fares would go up to fund the private ATC. That's going to prove unpopular.

But, hey, the measure still has to survive Congress.
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