Foreign born as a percentage of population

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Quote: TheCesspit

That would mean you are either fiscally very liberal or very conservative and very socially conservative then. I'd describe myself as closest to the traditional Canadian Liberal party, but probably a bit more of a social democrat.

I am much more fiscally conservative than you if our conversation here is any indication. Of course I have a vested interest since I need the government pensions to stay viable to survive.

Which is why I am curious who you would want, and why.

I was a supporter of Harper and would be interested in what you found wrong with his policies. I haven't paid much attention to the conservative leadership race but a lot of them appear less than desirable.

I'd argue teachers do live in the real world... whole slices of real world happen in schools. He did work at a private school, but also on-call for the Vancouver School Board. Were you a fan of Harper? Which Conservative leader do you want to run the country?

There again it appears we must disagree since I feel that the teachers are the worst of the civil servants and have been destroying our education system for years with the help of the PC crowd. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt by feeling they don't see the real world. If you are right and they do then that is worse since they are willfully destroying our society.
"but if you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you." Benjamin Franklin
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