expect coldest Jan. 1 since 1963

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Quote: rxwine
Been a long time since I've been in weather below 0 F.

What's standard clothing for comfort outside?
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Quote: rxwine
What's standard clothing for comfort outside?

Quote: petroglyph
4 wheel drive

Haven't literally laughed out loud in too long =)

Layers are important, surely, but I'm seeing a lot of people doing it completely wrong. On your body you want something soft, fitting, and breathable. A plain shirt of 100% cotton is best, though perhaps something could be said of the Under Armour type full body pantyhose that's out. That stuff helps with wicking, which is one of the biggest cold weather battles (staying dry). Over that, I prefer thermal type shirts, since they're cotton and are woven with tiny "pockets" that trap air. They should be of increasing size to prevent binding (not necessarily clothing size, but put the ones that are "stretched out" on last). And on that, the "shield". Your hard outer shell that's impervious to wind and wet.

It was 1* when I left for work and it was 1* when I checked at 1400. I'm wearing an old (10+yrs) long sleeve t-shirt, a thermal cotton long sleeve, a hoody, and a turkey hunting coat. That's it. And I am in no way, shape, or form one of those guys who "can't feel cold"; I wear hoodies comfortably when it's 70*+. But today, I spent maybe 2.5 total minutes being cold. It's all about the flow.

You're a car guy, just apply the knowledge. The body is just a mushy radiator, make yourself not radiate. Separate skin from anything that conducts heat. Then, and this is the most important, spread it around. Your core is your generator, wrap it solid. Then make every path to the extremities as smooth as possible. Old shirts, worn out underpants, pants with the cuff split or cut, waists a size too big. The WORST!!!! thing you can possibly do is pack yourself like a GD sausage. I'm telling guys at work every single bleeding day LOSE THE SOCKS! but they keep piling two pairs of wool on and crying they're cold. All packing does is squeeze the meat. Squeeze the meat and you pinch the pipes. Pinch the pipes and all that core warmth stays in the core.


That's all there is to it. Couple soft cotton layers for comfort and heat trapping, a seriously impermeable outer layer (needs not be thick, just wind PROOF), and you are good to go. All the rest is moisture management. Things like stopping when you start to get hot, or losing the hat/gloves for a quick regulation before the sweat starts to come. I personally kick the boots off and roll barefoot in spots I have some miles between package deliveries, just to keep the pigs dry. It's Lieutenant Dan's First Rule: Take care of your feet
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Wool or partially synthetic wool socks would be better than cotton.
Cotton traps moisture, which then gets cold, and leads to cold feet.
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