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Quote: Face
the water is Lake Erie clear. I can see the ridges and cracks in rocks some 3'+ on the bottom.

Ah, you should set up a gopro on the bottom and catch some footage at different angles. Or maybe run a true underwater cam into your house.

Then, stream on YouTube, or edit and run the best of Face pond.
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Quote: rxwine
Then, stream on YouTube, or edit and run the best of Face pond.
Good idea, RxWine. I've friends and acquaintances who recently shared the life styles of Mr. and Mrs. Wren and their five offspring as well as the adventures of several monarch butterflies about to embark on their long journeys. If zillions of people watched an Eagle Cam, who knows about Face Pond Cam. Might even try stocking that pond with some New Orleans crayfish.
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Glad to hear you did it right with your son.

Quote: Face
... remembering the very first posts of this thread; my kid was 3, I think, and I was humping through the cliffs and canyons for hours pursuing trout. OG in like the third post ever warned me about wearing him out and turning him off. LOL. This kid is the most rabid fisherman I have ever seen in my life. He goes fishing after he gets home from fishing, and that's not a joke, that's what has happened some 30 times this year already.

look at it this way, you heeded the advice, the kid did not get bummed, he went on to going for it when older but on his own motivation to do so, not being dragged around. Kudos! I have seen it done wrong many times, believe me. It's a thing, really, the dad loves hunting or fishing, the kid hates it ... see it all the time.
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