BIG BANG THEORY renewed for another three years

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Tomorrow is TBBT first chance to recover from their massive 4.3 million viewer drop (almost 25%) on their last new episode the week before Thanksgiving. This will probably be the only new show in December.

There may be a day when actors are paid by numbers of viewers. I know that seems unfair as everything from weather to power outages can affect number of viewers, but it is a very commercial business. Instead of being paid $1 million an episode you might get paid 5 cents a viewer plus $100K fixed fee.
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Quote: Pacomartin
Bethany Mota who turned 19 two weeks ago is making half a million dollars a month with her youtube videos where she is being paid by chains like Fprever 21.

Saw some parents on the news with two young boys, who of course love to play with new toys. So they talk about new toys (review) as they play with them as parents film.

I think they said something just average, they pull in $5000 for one of the reviews

Nice, golden egg there for a 10 minute clip or so.
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Did you know the woman who voiced Mrs. Wolowitz died last November? More on Carol Ann Susi.

While on the topic, did you know there is an episode where Mrs. Wolowitz is seen walking in the background? It is just a half second but you can tell she isn't THAT fat.
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You can also see her sitting in a chair from far away and above on the sattelite pullaway shot after Howard and Bernadette's wedding.
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She played a lot of small parts on different series
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Quote: terapined
Network TV is dead. Their time has passed. Its over. There is no resurrection. There is no salvation.

TBBT stars are lucky they are on TV today. Compared to the 1994-95 season (which actually starred Johnny Galecki) they wouldn't have ranked very high. Back then the top sitcom stars were making a lot less than a $million per episode.

You will notice that 100 shows were rated 2.0 or better. For 2014 (as of Dec 31) only 25 shows have a rating of 2.0 or better. TBBT has dropped to 4.56 which would have put it even with "Due South". Due South lasted 4 season and 67 episodes and I don't think I have ever seen it in syndication.

4.56 The Big Bang Theory CBS
3.41 Modern Family ABC
3.35 The Voice (Mon, Fall) NBC
3.16 Scandal ABC
3.04 How to Get Away with Murder ABC
2.98 The Voice (Tues, Fall) NBC
2.85 Family Guy FOX
2.81 The Simpsons (renewed) FOX
2.69 The Blacklist NBC
2.58 Black-ish ABC
2.52 Grey's Anatomy ABC
2.51 Once Upon a Time ABC
2.48 Gotham FOX
2.36 Scorpion CBS
2.33 Criminal Minds CBS
2.30 Mom CBS
2.29 Survivor (Fall) CBS
2.24 NCIS: New Orleans CBS
2.19 The Goldbergs ABC
2.16 60 Minutes CBS
2.10 Dancing with the Stars ABC
2.05 Two and a Half Men (ending) CBS
2.05 2 Broke Girls CBS
2.02 Chicago Fire NBC
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Lists like this scare me. In the 90's list,
I watched less than 10 of the shows
listed. I have heard of the others, but
never seen an ep from any of them.

In the 2014 list, I watch a couple on
Netflix, never even heard of most of
the others. I guess I should feel that
I have a life outside of TV. But I like
TV, and know that I'm missing a lot.

I will say, the one thing you never see
anybody on a TV show doing is, watching
TV. It's passive, it's boring, it's what
we're all doing because we have no life.
Makes me wonder what the actors do
when they aren't working. I bet it's watching
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Quote: Evenbob
I've seen about 5 eps of this show and I don't get what all the fuss is about. Every characteris severely stereotyped, where is the humor.You know how they will react before they open their mouth.

With the new year, TBBT is still dropping (down 20% for under 50), but still on top of the sitcom heap. It is still the only sitcom I watch regularly, but I feel slightly sad every time this year.

Black-ish is the only certifiable sitcom hit this year (and may end up being the only new sitcom to get renewed).

Two and Half Men lost half it's audience for it's 13 episode finale.

Surprisingly enough, FOX's aging prime time animated shows are showing huge ratings increases over last year.

YoY Demo Rank Title Network 18-49 demo Viewers (mil)
-09.79% 1 The Big Bang Theory CBS 4.56 16.35
-03.64% 2 Modern Family ABC 3.41 10.07
New.... 10 Black-ish ABC 2.58 7.93
+10.58% 18 Mom CBS 2.30 9.98
+30.49% 21 The Goldbergs ABC 2.19 7.14
-45.98% 24 Two and a Half Men (ending) CBS 2.05 8.74
-19.46% 25 2 Broke Girls CBS 2.05 7.75
-03.56% 29 The Middle ABC 1.99 7.57
-17.55% 31 Mike & Molly CBS 1.80 8.19
New.... 47 The McCarthys CBS 1.45 6.58

ABC Friday Night
-05.67% 64 Last Man Standing ABC 1.25 6.68
New.... 77 Cristela ABC 1.03 5.25

New.... 46 Marry Me NBC 1.49 5.07
-36.22% 73 About a Boy NBC 1.18 4.15

+15.66% 27 Brooklyn Nine-Nine FOX 2.01 4.22
-33.32% 53 New Girl FOX 1.39 2.81
-12.74% 75 The Mindy Project FOX 1.11 2.41
New.... 88 Mulaney FOX 0.8 1.82

FOX animated
+35.84% 6 The Simpsons (renewed) FOX 3.00 6.64
+21.42% 8 Family Guy FOX 2.84 5.44
-3.23% 49 Bob's Burgers FOX 1.42 2.91
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Paying an actor by number of viewers? Would lead to better audited ratings. How about that fashion ad that was disguised as a First Kiss film? 88 million viewers but how many of them buy women's fashions?
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Rotten tomatoes credits 48 out of 56 review for the show as good. I've only watched one episode, but it seemed like a gimmick show to me. I can't imagine it someday becoming the number one ranked sitcom (after TBBT and Modern Family are retired).