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Quote: Fleastiff
Got this cheapie Wireless Printer from Canon via Amazon.
I can't even get it to work and I already hate the thing.

My laptop sees my own wifi network and also the canon installation network but it won't see each at the same time.

Even if i'm on the canon wifi network nothing I type seems to do anything to the printer and nothing I do to 'settings' on my laptop lets the laptop 'see' the printer.

I think you have to get the printer logged on to your home wireless network. I just did this for my mother when she got an upgradede wifi.

I would suggest plugging the printer into the laptop via cable first so your computer for sure sees it, then install it as a printer. After that the computer should "look for it."
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The instructions probably direct you to connect your laptop to the Canon installation network, then go to a specific webpage that is actually the printer control panel, and use that control panel to get the printer to join your own wireless network.
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