Science and God

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Saw an interesting piece. There are
thousands of people in the world
that suffer from what psychiatry
calls the 'Truman Show Complex'.

That was a movie about a guy who
is secretly on TV and his life is
watched by millions of people. There
are people who think this is happening
to them, they believe it 100%. It takes
years of therapy to convince them
they aren't being videoed for the
whole world to watch.

This in no different than the god complex.
People think they're so important, that
their lives matter so much, they have invented
a god that watches them 24/7 to make
sure they're behaving so he can reward
them properly. Of course this happens after
they die, so it's totally uncheckable.

The Truman Show sufferers have the same
problem as the god sufferers. They feel
small and inadequate without a nanny
looking over them and judging them.
People will believe anything, it's really
quite astounding.
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