Bill Cosby, What the Frick?

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"A defense of Cosby requires that one believe that several women have decided to publicly accuse one of the most powerful men in recent Hollywood history of a crime they have no hope of seeing prosecuted, and for which they are seeking no damages. The alternative is to see one of the most celebrated public fathers of our time, and one of the great public scourges of black morality, revealed as a serial rapist."

"The heart of the matter is this: A defender of Bill Cosby must, effectively, conjure a vast conspiracy, created to bring down one man, seemingly just out of spite. And people will do this work of conjuration, because it is hard to accept that people we love in one arena can commit great evil in another. It is hard to believe that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist because the belief doesn't just indict Cosby, it indicts us. It damns us for drawing intimate conclusions about people based on pudding-pop commercials and popular TV shows. It destroys our ability to lean on icons for our morality. And it forces us back into a world where seemingly good men do unspeakably evil things, and this is just the chaos of human history."

The Cosby Show
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Quote: Mosca

Watching that video, I see a man surrounded by sycophants who never challenge the Emporer.


It gets weirder though. Entertainment Tonight broadcasts an interview with model Janice Dickinson who claims she was raped by Cosby. (She hinted at this with Howard Stern in 2006.) The next day, everyone is talking about the Entertainment Tonight interview. So how do Cosby's brilliant lawyers respond? By threatening to sue Buzzfeed! What does Buzzfeed have to do with Janice Dickinson? Nothing. In the eyes of Cosby's brilliant lawyers, Buzzfeed's crime was to publish an article about the Entertainment Tonight story. There were 1,000 other media outlets who also published articles about Entertainment Tonight, but for some reason Cosby's lawyers decided to make an example out of Buzzfeed. Actions speak louder than words, and it's very telling that Cosby wants to sue an obscure website that most of America has never heard of, but doesn't want to sue Entertainment Tonight or Janice Dickinson or Tamara Green or Barbara Bowman for their "lies."

It's almost as if Cosby's own lawyers are pranking Cosby himself, becasue the threatening letter is filled with over-the-top villian-speak "proceed at your peril" not to mention a few grammar typos. And anytime a lawyer tells a media outlet that "this letter is not for publication," they're practically begging the journalist to print it. This letter makes Cosby look pathetic and desperate.
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Cosby is the spokesman for the morality
of the young black community, yet he
himself is the worst of the worst. He's
a predator, from the stories these women
are putting out. He picks the victim, plans
the rape, executes it and covers his tracks.

His poor wife and family. I had something
similar happen in my family. 10 years ago,
at the age of 80, my wife's uncle, a solid
member of his church, was being driven
on a trip and tried to force the 22 year old
girl who was driving to have sex with him.

He was kicked out of his church, and to this
day 2 of his children refuse to speak to him.
No forgiveness in a lot of them, these good
god fearing Jesus worshipers.
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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I don't believe it. Women do a lot of things which make no rational sense so tough to assume they have no motivation to accuse him. Being nuts or having low self esteem could be enough to view the arbitrary another way. If you lay hundreds or thousands, odds of jilted/remorseful lovers goes up.
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Quote: 1nickelmiracle
I don't believe it. .

Start reading what these women said and
you'll believe it. No two of them are alike,
yet they all have a similar thread. This is
hardly a new story either, the allegations
have been around for decades. Just the fact
that Cosby won't and has never defended
himself is extremely damning. That's what
guilty people do.

In 1900, Ida Tarbell started telling the
truth about the atrocities Rockefeller and
Standard Oil had committed in the name
of business. It ruined Rockefeller's name
and reputation for decades. Everyone that
surrounded him said he should stand up
to her and deny everything over and over.

Instead he decided to say nothing, to never
answer even one question. It backfired, his
silence was what condemned him. Innocent
people defend themselves and even the
public in 1900 knew it.
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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And why pick the Coz? He's beloved. His public persona is unassailable. It's like trying to excavate Mount Everest with a teaspoon. If they were going to attack someone randomly, it would be easier to pick someone already somewhat reviled. Mel Gibson, maybe.

The fact that the reveal happened the way it did is actually the most damning thing about it.
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I wish it weren't true, but I think it most likely is. As Mosca said, the reveals, the specifics, both the similarities and the differences, seem to have the ring of truth.
Never doubt a small group of concerned citizens can change the world; it's the only thing ever has
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Lou Ferrigno's wife is accusing Cosby of attacking her.

Old TV Hulk guy.
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I think you get to a point where either an awful lot of women of bad character are making false allegations or you begin to believe that what at least some of them are saying is true. Not much financial gain involved for many of the women.
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