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Quote: AZDuffman
Did they all need transmissions at the same time? Or is the competition cutting in?

They lack drivers. It's deceptive. A medallion owner
usually has a bunch of cabs, so if he's leasing out
6 of them while 4 sit idle he still makes money.
What I'm saying is, even if every cab has a medallion,
they are usually owned in clumps by one man or
company. Much like all the Burger King franchises
owned by the same person in a small city.

Cabs won't disappear, they will just downsize the
fleets. Supply and demand, just like everything
else. As time goes by, more and more regs will
cramp the ride share companies, it's inevitable.
In 10 years you won't see a difference between cabs
or Uber.
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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Took an Uber home last night at midnight from airport. It said 1 minute wait but we had to call the guy after 5 minutes as he went to the wrong pick up place. So waited around 8 minutes. It's around 15 minute drive to my house in suburbia. Hard to imagine there was a next fare nearby. Total fare... $8.80. Cab is usually around $25. If the guy let's say gets $7 and uber $1.80, I can't see how it can be worth it for the driver. He was driving a nice SUV.
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