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Quote: Dalex64
Who watches god create the universe?
The same people who watch UFOs or watch miracles being performed or watch prayers being answered.
Can you just imagine if the blatherings of L. Ron Hubbard are ever transferred onto clay tablets and found in rubble sometime in the future? One recent contestant on Naked and Afraid thinks she had sex with the Incubus, another firmly believes he had an encounter with Bigfoot, half the state of New Mexico believe they were taken aboard a UFO and examined. With luminaries like that, no wonder there is a belief in religion and all these events depicted in the Bible.
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Quote: FrGamble
What would cause Satan with full knowledge of God and His eternal plan to reject heaven and an all-powerful God?

That's hard to say, without full knowledge of the mores, the prejudices, the biases, the goals, the values and the intentions of the author(s) of the fictional work. Unlike the Aeneid, for example, which we know was Roman historical propaganda through and through, deeply embracing of the classical Roman virtues.

But in fiction you can paint the enemy however you like. Homer would have you believe the Trojans were a bunch of cowardly wimps, except for Hector, while the Greeks (aka Mycenaeans) were all powerful warriors afraid of nothing. But if so, then how come the blasted war lasted over a decade? Shouldn't Achilles and Ajax alone been able to take on the whole of Ilium, plus Hector, in a couple of hours?

What is the old saying, "I'd rather rule in Hell then serve in Heaven."

The one thing Juarez ever got right was saying "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees." How would you know Satan and his pals did not prefer freedom over serfdom?

Do you know how many subject peoples rebelled against conquering empires? Pretty much all of them at one time or another. Do you know how many evicted their overlords for any length of time? Very few. Do you know how many rebellions were deterred by these facts? Almost none.
If Trump where half as smart as he thinks he is, he'd be twice as smart as he really is.
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Quote: Evenbob
I give as much credence to the story in the NT as I give to the Jack and Beanstalk story.
Jack and the Beanstalk? How does that parable go?
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Quote: Fleastiff
Jack and the Beanstalk? How does that parable go?

It's interesting, the tale is 5000 years
old, pre dates the OT by thousands
of years. It's about a boy who steals
ill gotten treasure from a giant and
ends up killing the giant by cutting
down the beanstalk as the giant is
chasing him.

It's a moralistic story, thousands of
years before Moses gave us the 10
Suggestions. It was told word of mouth
until it was finally recorded a few
hundred years ago. Beauty and the
Beast is also 5000 years old. They
come from an area that spans India
to Scandinavia and have nothing to
do with the Middle East or wandering
desert nomads.
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